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Enjoy original wearable artwork that is both comfortable and affordable

My range of original masks are all hand crafted in my Lancashire studio ( the leather originates from Italy) so you are able to email me if an item is out of stock and I can usually make it for you within 48 hours

New mask designs will be added on a regular  basis
Other colour combinations can be used so please let me know if you require colours that are not shown in the range

The Italian leather used is especially selected for its flexibility and the masks are very lightweight

The masks are cut and formed from fabulous fine leather from Italy and are shaped using old Italian technique known as "wet forming". This traditional method is mixed with modern  techniques to mould the leather into the required shapes.

They are very comfortable to wear and lightweight so you barely feel like you are wearing one

The leather masks on my website are exclusive and you wont find them anywhere else. We try to be at the forefront of design and have recently added a range of hand embellished masks which no-one else is making

Even though the process is a lengthy one I have kept prices as low as I can without compromising on quality

Once the mask has been formed, it is dried, painted and sealed on  the front using an acrylic sealer for moisture protection

As every mask is hand crafted it means that the more intricate masks will have their own individual identity even if they are made from the same design. The mask you purchase will have the style and finish as the photo on the website, but it will have its own character.
To clean your mask, use a feather duster or wipe with a barely damp cloth. It would be advisable not to get your mask wet so avoid wearing it in the shower or standing out in the rain for too long!

A downpour directly onto the mask may make the leather lose some of its shape. If this happens, simply lay your mask over a rounded object (such as the back of a cereal bowl)  press it carefully into its original shape and let it dry in a warm place.

The ideal way to preserve the shape when not being worn is to lay it over a rounded object or hang on the wall for a decorative piece of artwork